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Newsletter Editor

Locations: Atlanta, Austin, Boise, Boston, Columbus, Philadelphia, Portland, OR, Research Triangle, NC, and Washington D.C.

You’re a writer with verve who has excellent instincts for what matters most to your city. City Cast hires Newsletter Editors to be the signature voices of our useful, joyful, and informative daily local newsletters, launched alongside a daily podcast of the same name. Even if we haven’t launched in your city yet, we’ll probably be there soon. As Newsletter Editor, you’ll avidly follow local news and culture, then write and curate stories, headlines, and other tidbits into an irresistible and substantive M-F email. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Identify, curate, and write up compelling stories and updates. Demonstrate excellent judgment about what local readers need to know, and what they don’t.
  • Consume numerous sources of local news, culture, and information daily and identify the items most worthy of readers’ time. Demonstrate an eye for the unexpected, surprising, and delightful.
  • Write great headlines and subject lines, format the day’s newsletter to adhere to City Cast’s style guide and branding, and ensure the newsletter is published at a regular time, error-free.
  • Gather visual content for daily newsletter, ensuring that appropriate licensing guidelines are followed, and that images are high quality and editorially compelling.
  • Engage with newsletter readers by responding to their emails and outreach on social media. 


  • 3+ years’ experience writing and/or editing professionally, ideally in a deadline-driven environment.
  • 3+ years’ reporting experience, with a demonstrated grasp of core journalistic principles of fairness and accuracy, and the tenacity to follow leads as they develop.
  • Voracious local news diet, with a talent for identifying compelling and newsy content from a wide variety of sources.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills. You also write great headlines.
  • Reliable news judgment about the complicated issues facing your city.
  • Experience writing for social media, and building virtual community around news content.
  • Excitement about working at a startup, and enthusiasm for City Cast’s mission of making people feel more connected to their cities.

In this role, you will report to the Lead Producer of your local City Cast. This position could be part-time or full-time, depending on your schedule and other commitments. In either case, it offers competitive pay, with excellent benefits for a full-time employee. It will be located in your city, though work will be primarily remote. City Cast is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence through diversity, which involves attracting talented people from diverse backgrounds and traditions. We encourage everyone to apply.