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Work with us.

City Cast is expanding our team of creative, curious people, and we’d love you to join us. As we grow, we'll seek candidates for the jobs listed below in cities across the country.

City Cast offers competitive pay, great benefits, and a culture of creativity and inclusion. We love our work and want to love our (virtual) workplace too. We value diversity, integrity, kindness, flexibility, and humor. Let’s make something great together—and enjoy doing it

City Cast hires roving Audio Producers who work across our network of daily, local news podcasts.  You’ll work on all of our podcasts, filling in for vacationing colleagues, working on pilots and special projects, producing our ads, and more. You have strong audio editing chops and a distinctive creative sensibility, with a love of sound and craft. You’ll be spending your days knee-deep in audio—cutting tape, mixing sound, and in general making great content. You also care deeply about local news, you know how to guide an interview, and you’re comfortable working under deadline pressure.  

See full job description here.

City Cast hires contagiously curious, energetic city enthusiasts and news junkies to serve as Host of City Cast podcasts. As the voice of a local daily news podcast, you’ll inspire your neighbors’ passion for their city, and you’ll help them understand what matters locally, and why. Every weekday, you’ll lead wide-ranging, sometimes-substantive-sometimes-frivolous conversations about your city.

See full job description here.

You’re a writer with verve who has excellent instincts for what matters most to your city. City Cast hires Newsletter Editors to be the signature voice of our useful, joyful, and informative daily local newsletter, published alongside a daily podcast of the same name. In this role, you’ll avidly follow local news and culture, then write and curate stories, headlines, and other tidbits into an irresistible and substantive M-F email.

See full job description here.

City Cast hires ambitious, creative Lead Producers to guide daily local podcasts and newsletters. As Lead Producer, you will help build and launch your local City Cast, overseeing content, staff, and operations while also actively contributing to daily production. You are an experienced audio producer, a strong storyteller, a local newshound, and a passionately curious resident of your city, and you love coaching and cultivating talent.

See full job description here.

City Cast hires Audio Producers to help launch and produce daily local podcast in cities across the U.S. You are a versatile and inventive audio producer who cares deeply about local news and culture, and is excited about the opportunity to use podcasting to help people feel more connected to your city. You know how to identify great guests and to book them, under deadline pressure. You also have strong audio editing chops and a distinctive creative sensibility.

See full job description here.

Not seeing jobs in your area?

Reach out anyway! We’re growing and we might be in your city soon, let us know if you’re interested and we’ll be in touch if we launch there.

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