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So what exactly is City Cast?

Like you, we’ve spent a lot of time listening to podcasts that help us make sense of the bigger world— podcasts about politics, sports, fiction, fantasy, technology, and national news. But we’ve longed for a daily podcast that helps us connect with our own communities— the beautiful, complicated cities where we spend our dollars and days. So we decided to make one (or, technically, several!).

City Cast is a network of one-of-a-kind, daily local news podcasts in cities around the country, accompanied by a daily email newsletter that keeps you in the know about what’s happening in your community. City Cast is live in ChicagoDenver, Houston, Salt Lake, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Boise, DC, Philadelphia, Portland and Madison.

City Cast aims to be the smartest, easiest way to connect with the place you live and love.

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Why start City Cast now?

Local journalism is in crisis across the U.S.—with newspapers and other outlets collapsing left and right. And yet there’s never been a more critical time for people to understand what’s going on in their communities (see: pandemic, economic crisis, mass movement for social and racial justice, etc.) City Cast’s goal is to help Americans become more informed—and more impassioned—local citizens at a moment when that’s urgently important.

Who is City Cast?

Maybe you! We’re building a team of creative, curious people, and we’re hiring right now for lots of positions. Check out our jobs page.

The head of City Cast is CEO David Plotzwho has worked in digital media for 25 years. He grew Atlas Obscura from 0 to 70 employees as its first CEO, built Slate’s podcasting business as Slate’s editor in chief, and has hosted the iconic Slate Political Gabfest podcast for the past 15 years. Say hi at:

Meet the rest of the City Cast team.

What’s it like working for City Cast?

City Cast offers competitive pay, great benefits, and a culture of creativity and inclusion. We love our work and want to love our (virtual) workplace too. We value diversity, integrity, kindness, flexibility, and humor. Let’s make something great together—and enjoy doing it. Check out our jobs page and read more about our mission and values here.

Who owns City Cast?

City Cast is owned by Graham Holdings Co., an Arlington, Va., based company with deep experience in both local news and on-demand audio.

Any more questions about City Cast?

Reach out if you have specific questions we haven’t answered! If you want to talk about working with us, try us at: If you want to go straight to the CEO, email